About Nanjgel Green

Nanjgel Green is a team of experienced motivated professionals and social enthusiasts who are passionate towards saving our Environment. We are dedicated towards reduction of informal waste recycling that is about 90% of the total market. This informal recycling practices has led to unsafe disposal of waste into open dumping grounds without being accountable for the damage.

Our cradle to cradle approach ensures complete recycling of waste materials such as plastic, tin can, glass, paper and organic waste into useful products such as recycled paper, metal, glass, compost/manure, etc. Thus, Nanjgel Green provides a wholesome waste management system considering waste material can be recycled again and again, until it loses all its properties through the recycling system.

Our Vision

To reduce the amount of waste by promoting individual and corporate responsibility. To recover waste for its highest and best use while balancing rates and services. To transform our business from burying waste to utilizing waste as a resource. To eliminate the need for landfills.

Our Mission

To partner with the world’s best waste management machine manufactures to build fully automated recycling machines at the most economical cost. We will manage solid waste as a resource, promoting sustainable, environmentally sound and cost effective practices through an integrated system of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, innovative technology, customer service and education.