50Kg/day Horticulture Waste to Biomass Pellet and Compost Plant

50Kg per day plant 3 Units (All Feeding Process Manual)

  • Horticulture Shredder
    5H.P Motor
  • Separate automatic Bio Char Compost Unit 50Kg/day (without food waste shredder) @ 5000USD
    2KW Load
  • Biomass Pelleting Unit 25Kg/hour
    15H.P Motor

5000Kg per day fully automatic plant (All Process Automatic)

  • Inbuilt Horticulture Waste Shredder 500-600Kg/hour 25 H.P
  • Conveyor system 3H.P
  • Climate control 2KW
  • Dryers 1KW
  • PLC controlled Feeding System
  • Automatic pelleting unit 75H.P
separate pelleting unit internal working diagram

5TPD Fully Automatic Plant