Food Waste Recycling

Save money, improve the environment, #saynotolandfills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Nanjgel Green’s waste-to-compost solution machines are designed to focus on environmental sustainability, ensuring food waste solutions, reduction, recycling, and reusing food waste. Our Food composter converts waste-to-compost in a safe and environmentally sound manner. It prevents waste from being sent to landfills thus improving environmental health, living standards, and building a greener environment for the current and future generations – starting today!

Let’s Break this unnatural cycle of dumping waste and polluting the Earth!

Nanjgel Green’s Food Waste Recycling Machine can process all types of organic waste like curry, roti, bread, eggshells, chicken bones, fish, fish bones, fruits, fruit peels, vegetables, peels, leftovers of kitchen waste or any other biodegradable waste into Organic Compost or soil amended product.

Nanjgel Food Compost Machine


compost machine kitchen
  • Designed specifically on the principle of providing complete waste to compost system in a single unit.
  • In-built high RPM shredder, composting tank. humidity sensor, moisture control and air ventilation system.
  • Fully automatic (option to upgrade for remote access), low power consumption and compact in size.
  • SIEMENS sensor board operation on patented technology for automation.
  • The temperature required for thermophilic digester is maintained by an inbuilt heater.
  • 85-90% volume reduction of waste is achieved with NO addition of any micro-organism.
  • Besides being a silent machine, it also has NO odor, harmful gases or pathogens. Just natural organic compost.
  • Shredder, shaft, blades, composting tank and exterior panels made with high grade SS - 304 material to make sure of maximum life of the machine.
  • Internal mixing blades automatically stop when waste input door or compost removal door is opened.
  • Automatic overload function (machine comes to a halt in case of overload), with provision for indicators for power, heater, overload and power saving mode.

Why Food Waste Composter?

The purpose of Nanjgel Green's Waste to Organic composting machine is to enhance the natural process of composting.

Nanjgel Green’s Food Waste Composter creates an ideal setting for the composting process to take place. All you have to do is make sure the organic waste is added in the proper proportions and wait overnight to turn waste to organic and odorless compost.

Perks of using Our composter:

  • There's no rotting food scraps ready to be gathered.
  • There's No rotting food waste to be dumped in landfills or trash cans
  • Waste to Compost generation through an entirely natural process
  • Fast transition from waste to compost
  • Quiet and low energy usage
  • Turn Waste-to-comfort conveniently
Its time to give back
It’s time to give back!
Nanjgel Green’s Organic Waste Converter Machine -
A Waste to Compost System that gives back to nature and #saynotolandfills