Rubber & Tyre Waste Solution

Segregation Of Whole Tyre Components For Recycling Purposes [Fibre/Metal/Rubber]

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Tyre Recycling

Tyres are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste today due to both volume and durability, making tyre recycling as important as ever.

Tyre recycling is the process of downsizing whole tyres of any type for the purpose of reusing the material for other purposes. The materials most sought after in tyre recycling are clean rubber and steel wire.

With a solution from NANJGEL, your recycling will be versatile and customized to your needs. The modular design enables you to expand or upgrade your plant as the market changes. From chip production to granulate, from granulate to powder, etc. You also get a guaranteed capacity and output purity.

Tyre Content

Tyre recycling plant is a perfect system, including the main equipment, Hydraulic Tyre Steel Extractor, Tyre Cutter, Whole Tyre Shredder, Steel Wire Separator, Rubber Granulator, Magnetic Separator, Fiber Separator. The overall design of Fully-Automatic Tyre Recycling Line is reasonable, high degree of automation, easy to use and maintain, and no need to add any other chemicals, no pollution to the environment. This is the best way to recycling scrap Tyres. You can implement integration solution for the customer.

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Recycled Tyre Rubber is burned for fuel that is used to power cement kilns, pulp and paper mills. Tyres actually burn hotter and cleaner than coal, so by replacing coal it helps reduce emissions. Shredded Rubber Crumbs can be useful in sound walls, bridge foundations and landfill construction, or even converted into products such as vehicle mud guards, floor tiles, speed bumps and anti-fatigue mats.

Volume Reduction is achieved by shredding the tyre into 12X12mm unsegregated Shredded rubber Waste. This heavy duty Shredder has the capacity to shred 1000Kg/hr. Further processing (optional) is done by segregation of rubber from the wire mess through the vibrator conveyors.

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