Household Food Waste

Process All Types Of Organic Waste Into Organic Compost

The FoodCycler™
is a countertop food waste recycler that:

Reduces food waste by 90%

The FoodCycler™ reduces food waste weight and volume by 90% creating a sterile, odorless and nutrient-rich soil amendment to reuse for your plants or garden.

Feeds your garden, not your garbage

By starving the landfills, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and the amount of methane generated from food waste.

FoodCycler™ Maestro

This energy-efficient food waste recycler transforms food scraps into a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

  • Customizable light and dark color options
  • Premium soft-open lid
  • Sleek bucket loading design
  • Ergonomic handle placement
  • Convenient non-stick bucket
  • Powerful refillable filter (carbon pellets)

  • Bucket capacity: 5L
  • Unit volume: 28.9L
  • Dimensions: (H) 13.8” X (W) 13.8” X (D) 10.3”
  • Progress indicators: real-time progress tracking LEDs
  • Processing time: 4-9 hours
  • Power consumption: <0.35kWh /L (<1.5kWh/cycle)

How It Works

composting of waste

Press start and
The FoodCycler™
will do the rest.

Step One

Place your compostable food into The FoodCycler™.

Step Two

The Vortech™ grinding system uses multiple blades to pulverize soft and hard food waste, completing months of composting in just hours.

Step Three

Remove The FoodCycler™ bucket and start using your nutrient rich soil amendment at home.