water rejuvenation

Water Rejuvenation

This is an ecological process
in which the aquatic ecology is reinstated.

The process is easy to adopt and implement by urban local bodies and municipal corporations and has been fairly successful in Waterbody Rejuvenation projects and has resulted into remarkably good improvement in water quality among all parameters.

The disinfection in the process is based upon the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) negativity. It has been observed in various research across the globe that most of the microbial infestation by disease carrying pathogens like Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Citrobacter, Edwardsville, Streptococci, and Clostridium etc. die their natural death in ORP negative water. And thus, in this treatment, the water gets disinfected as the water turns ORP negative with this treatment with the major electrolytes getting balanced in the restoration process.

Pros - Sustainable, treats the waterbodies in-situ, ease of use, cost-effective, eco-friendly, no dependency on machines / chemicals, zero energy usage.

Cons -Can only be used in natural waterbodies with soil in bottom, water on top of the soil surface and open on top, enabling Sunlight to penetrate the water surface.

It's a SERVICE, not a product.

Waterbodies / Wetlands are studied in detail, an herbal extract is made after the study, this concentrate is then shipped at the location, where it is amalgamated with fresh water from the same agro-climatic zone, and this homogenous mix is poured in the Waterbody at sunrise time in the morning. during the day, in presence of sunlight the resuscitation process starts.

The treatment is divided in three phases -

  • Revival (3 months),
  • Restoration (3 months) and
  • Rejuvenation (6 months) - after this 1 year of treatment, Waterbody is taken back to it native conditions.

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