Industrial Biodegradable Waste Management

An average household generates approximately 1 kg of wet waste daily. Under the current scenario, this waste is directly dumped into huge landfills that are already overflowing with mountains of unsegregated, untreated, hazardous waste. Most landfills lack proper on-site waste management thereby contributing to additional threats to the environment

In the long term, landfills leak and pollute ground water and other neighboring environmental habitats making waste management very difficult. They also give off hazardous gases.

NANJGEL GREEN provides you with an Environment Friendly Waste Management Solution to this hazardous problem.

What Do We Do That Is Different

Nanjgel Green machines are versatile and can also be operated with Generators.

Our compost machine converts Biodegradable waste materials into a soil amendment product, reducing Carbon footprint towards landfills.

When Biodegradable waste is added to the unit, a shredder shreds it into small pieces and a special Anaerobic process decomposes it into a High-Quality Soil Amendment product.

The machine also has a humidity sensor, heater, mixing blade, moisture control system and air ventilation system. The entire process is natural and biological resulting in 80-90 per cent volume reduction.

The unit converts biodegradable waste by decomposing all types of organic waste into a rich soil amendment product within 24 hours and contributes towards waste reduction in landfills by converting waste into a nutrient rich soil amendment product.

On completion of this cycle the reduced and converted end product is ejected through the output compartment provided below the machine, this process can be controlled from the Siemens AMC panel provided on the machine. The product can be stored in either bins or bags for maturing the product further.

Nanjgel Green provides complete solutions for all recycling needs, food waste, paper waste, plastic waste, poultry animal waste, horticulture waste, tyre recycling services and all recycling services offered under one roof.

Nanjgel Green Offices are headquartered in the United Kingdom and have corporate offices at Belgium, India (Mumbai and Goa) and in the Middle East covering UAE, Saudi, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Come, join us in our endeavor for making this world a better place to live in.

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